Management is the Act or Skill of Controlling and Making Decisions.

Company structures support the efforts necessary to best achieve desired results.  This framework is comprised tools implemented by managers, supervisors and team leaders over a broad spectrum.  Management can also represent concepts and tools around a specific topic like Project Management.

Pathfinder offers a strong selection of courses for advancing the management skills of their leaders as well as optimization tools for individual contributors and their companies to become more productive.

  • Effective Supervisory Skills builds a better understanding of supervisory roles in the organization, reviews knowledge of the legal issues and liabilities facing supervisors, and develops more effective motivational skills and leadership competencies.
  • Conflict Management teaches employees: The elements of conflict, To recognize conflict management styles, Tips to handling conflict, and To enhance their interpersonal conflict management skills.
  • Change Management courses cover principles for individuals and leaders covering change, the change process, developing change resilience, enhancing change management skills and how to lead others to better manage change. Attendees will learn of leadership and change, helping others manage change, becoming a change leader, and enhancing leading change skills.
  • Time Management courses cover principles for individuals and leaders such as defining time management, prioritizing time use, adopting a time management approach, and enhancing time management skills. Participants will learn  how to lead others to better manage time, (model time-wise leadership, manage leadership time, use timesaving communication tips, and enhance time management leadership skills.
  • Project Management is a course which teaches the principles and interactively applies them to your project.  Attendees will learn the phases (Concept, Selection, Initiating, Planning, Executing, Approval, Delivery, and Closing) with segments including; Introduction, Definition, Building a Team, Planning, Executing, Monitoring, Performance Measurement, Closing the Project).