Well-trained Employees are Key to Business Success.

In an ideal world, you would be able to hire people who already possess the exact skills your business needs. But in today’s competitive labor market, demand for skilled workers far exceeds supply.  Training arms your employees with needed professional or technical skills and at the same time shows that you are invested in them as part of the company’s future.

Pathfinder delivers various course topics which fall under Employee or Organizational Development.  This is a broad category and selections are typically recommended to clients following review of the client’s goals and can range from recruiting the best new talent, improving customer service or awakening individual’s insights on behaviors and competencies.

  • High Payoff Hiring is a course for people involved in the hiring process with the goal of getting the right person in the right job.  Topics include: Evaluating the Existing Process, Preparing for Effective Hiring, The Interview Process, Making the Hiring Decision, and Managing the Hiring Process.
  • Emotional Intelligence is a transformational course teaching individuals a set of principles that will change the way they view their lives and performance on the job. They will grow in self-understanding, confidence, personal effectiveness, and their ability to handle the challenges /opportunities of the workplace, forming the foundation for organizational transformation.  Topics include; The Integrity Model, Conquering Your Key Moments, Embrace Reality, Exercise Responsibility, Clarify Your Vision, Define Your Purpose, Act With Integrity, and Value Who You Are.
  • Positive Impact is a course for individuals, which instills high performance behaviors that create strong productive organizations. Attendees learn to: Communicate openly and directly, work smarter / harder / faster / better, demonstrate “value added”, look for leadership opportunities, embrace and initiate change, have a positive impact on their company / customers / colleagues, and take charge of their personal lives.
  • High Performance Teamwork is a curriculum designed for team members to learn and apply skills which consistently deliver the greatest team results.  Segments include: Basic Communication, Giving and Receiving Feedback, Group Dynamics, Team Decision – Making, Team Problem Solving, Conflict Resolution, and Time Management.
  • Customer Service training sets the benchmark and advances foundation skills for a company to leverage customer service as a strategic advantage.  Participants learn to: define a vision of customer service, discover customer expectations, recognize the customer experience, and enhance customer service skills. The advanced course teaches supervisory personnel coaching techniques to achieve sustainable service levels.
  • Diversity training presents the foundation for understanding diversity and developing skills for working in environments and groups composed of diverse individuals addressing topics such as: diversity in high performance organizations, appreciating diversity, using the advantages of diversity and inclusion for growth and expansion in a global marketplace, and communication guidelines.