Internal and External Selling is Fundamental to Business Prosperity.

A successful sale is set of steps involving both sellers and buyers. Understanding and applying appropriate tools during these steps dramatically affects the success rate and overall results.

Pathfinder offers an array of courses to increase skills and results for sales and customer service people on the front lines as well as advanced skills to help anyone get their message across more clearly and to improve  their approach to “connect” best with their target audience and sell their ideas while selling themselves.

  • Core Sales Skills introduces and reinforces foundation principles helping sales professionals and sales managers increase productivity and improve interactions through Specific Goal-Setting, Time Leveraging, Communication, Negotiation, Teamwork, and Leadership Skills.
  • Principles of Partnership Selling is an advanced course for optimizing sales results and profitability. This highly interactive course walks through; Partnering, Value Profiling, Developing Benefits, Presenting Solutions, Handling Objections and Closing.
  • Empowering Performance provides sales managers with the skills to lead their sales teams including; Recruiting, Developing, Motivating, Coaching, and Measuring Results.
  • Powers of Persuasion presents the elements and how to activate/apply the 7 Powers: Friendship, Authority, Consistency, Contrast, Reciprocity, “The reason why” and Hope.
  • Speaking for a Lasting Impression covers essential components involved in speaking effectively and delivering a presentation that will create a positive lasting impression. Participants interactively learn how to create, deliver, and enhance their ability to speak in front of an audience.