A Sales Manager’s Guide to Success

Selling the most does not define the best sales manager. It is creating a sales force that produces results. Every day, sales managers are called to lead their teams. Their success depends on their ability to successfully convince others to follow them.

Empowering Performance: A Sales Manager’s Guide to Success is a training program intended for anyone in a sales management position. Whether you are new to sales management or you are looking to fine-tune current management skills. This program teaches sales managers how to create and drive a sales force to achieve remarkable results. Through interaction and skill practice, participants will learn how to hire, retain, motivate, develop and lead a team to achieve the results needed.

Program Objectives

A major goal of this program is to provide sales managers with the skills necessary to effectively lead a sales team and to identify the key characteristics that will lead to success. The program is divided into five modules, each with specific learning objectives.

What You Will Do

  • Gain a clear understanding of the primary responsibilities to increase sales performance.
  • Learn how to find, recruit and hire top sales people.
  • Identify the most effective ways to coach and develop a sales team.
  • Analyze the best ways to coach and develop a sales team.
  • Determine ways to motivate a sales force to produce remarkable results.
  • Set up systems for measuring performance, setting goals and tracking progress.
  • A sales manager’s success depends upon his team’s success. Becoming an effective sales manager takes determination, patience, drive and an undying will to help others succeed. As a sales manager, you will achieve success through effective leadership.


  • Learning to Lead Your Sales Team
  • Building Your Sales Team
  • Developing Essential Sales Skills
  • Achieving Results as a Sales Manager
  • Leading Your Sales Team with Momentum